Can Product Management Methodologies apply to our own improvement can help us grow faster and better?

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Since I started studying the principles and secrets of Product Management 6 months ago, I also found myself being more productive and focused on my daily life.
It could seem that there is no connection between the two elements, it was just a wonderful coincidence.

As I deep dive into my studies and my personal life I started to recognize a pattern: I was applying the Agile Theme-Epic-Story Development Framework.

Ok, let me explain.

What is the Theme-Epic-Story Development Framework?

In the Agile Framework, the Theme-Epic-Story represents one of the…

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As soon as you accept the situation and the environment around you, you start to breathe again.

The small cage you build around yourself stops to appear so claustrophobic and inviolable.

By open your eye and recognize where you are you start to free yourself.

You can see how fragile the prison’s lock is. You can open it just with a touch from your finger, as soon as you willingly recognize its vulnerability.

As soon as you become aware of what have you created around yourself, for protection, for safety. You can let il go.

You let go with no…

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Here we are, ready to embark in a new discovery.

I know you don’t want to go because it would be unsafe, we will reach an unknown place and learning.
But it is something that we both need to do because I want to grow and learn about this new world.
And I want you with me, as a friend, a companion. You have always been there to help me and keep me safe, and I still want your help, I need it, you keep me grounded. As you see I’m not going to relegate you to a small room, on the…

A short story about Reality

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Here we are again. I can sens him, his presence, his smell, his weight.
As always he is always here, keeping me company in every moment of my everyday life.
He doesn’t know I know about him, he is so careless, I can sense how he feels free about is life and presence.
I had to be careful, this time I want to really meet him, know him, at the end of the day he spent almost every moment of his existence with me, so better to know him! …

The Analogue Corner

My experience with something new

Lubitel 166B x Lomography Lady Gray 800

Today I want to talk about my first experience with both the Lubitel 166B and the film I used: the Lomography Lady Gray 400 iso; a black and withe negative film that I pushed at 800 iso.

So let’s begin with the camera

After a Lomowalk, I attend in London where I used a 120mm LC-A I fell in love with this format.
Before that, I had never shoot with other films than 135mm.
I choose the Lubitel 166B because it was a great compromise between quality and price: as the lens is in glass, the image result is pretty sharp.

It’s all manual — other…

A friendly reminder that you are doing it. A little help to get to what you want.

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What I’ve learned so far about how to do something you want.

Yesterday I had published, write and set my goals. Now it’s time to start completing them.
As far as my 24 years on this planet, I think I have experienced some though experience, that had let me grow and learn a lot.
Since I was a teenager, I had started tons of project, ideas, and I have completed only a few of them.
In the last years, I have learned some tricks that had to help me start and arrive where I want.

And after all the books, post, article and lesson I have lookout all they point out to…

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In 4 months I will be 25 years old, a quarter of a decade. I have to tell the truth: I’m a bit scared.

I have the feeling to have done not so much in these years.

2020 is already started, but ate the end of last year I decided to didn’t make any resolutions: I knew what I want to achieve or what I want to improve, so I didn’t see a needed for making any.

But I feel that this is something different: these are some of the things — more and less easy to accomplish — that…

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Digital Product Manager | Passionate about photography, art, and writing.

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